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Social Trading

Mirror Top Investors – When they trade you trade. Find traders you believe in and copy their strategy in real time.

Create your own Signal – Design a distinctive trading strategy that can lead others to success.

Why Choose Social Trading

Save Time: Manage your portfolio without monitoring or researching the markets for ours.

Co-invest with experienced professionals who make successful asset selection for their own investment portfolios.

Easy to Join: Sign up, follow signals and you'll be on your way to accessing expert trading strategies.

User-Friendly, start and stop mirroring any time you wish. Fund and Withdraw Anytime.

Automated trading – Trades replicate automatically in your portfolio in real time.

Trade with Confidence: Learn from experienced traders, exchange strategies, and boost your trading skills.

Select a strategy

Choose among diverse trading strategies created by experienced, seasoned traders and unconventional thinkers. Our Social Trading tools emphasize on strategy performance, allowing you to select one or multiple strategies that suit your investment style.

Investment Customization

Set the amount you want to invest in a certain strategy and chose between fixed lots or a percentage % by which you want to follow as per your investment objectives. Our platform offers flexibility, catering both modest and substantial investments.

Investment Journey

Follow your favorite traders and their strategy and track your investment’s progress. Enjoy the investment journey while we handle the complexities of trading.

How to Start Following

Become a TIBI

Pick a Signal

Click on Follow